The construction of sport fields and golf courses have accelerated in recent years. Alternatif Tarim Inc., under the supervision of its academician team, had launched its products that provide long lasting savings in water and fertilizer usage. Our company has been providing sport fields and golf course services for Incirlik NATO Airbase, Nevsehir Airport and various residential developments in Mediterranean region in Turkey since 1996. Our products are not only used in new construction but they are also used in maintenance of existing fields.

Many factors have to be taken into consideration while preparing a suitable environment for the plants that will be grown in sports fields. Most importantly, this environment will be used for long period therefore the materials has to be chosen carefully in the planning stages of construction. It is inevitable that the soil used in the green fields will be compacted by time depending on human traffic on the field. This compaction will have a negative effect on plant's ability to intake nutrition, airiness of the soil and root growth as well as water accumulation on the field after rain showers. Therefore materials that prevent soil compaction should be used for the soil in sport fields and golf courses.

Instead of using an inert material like quartz sand to prevent compaction and provide drainage of the soil, a material with chemical properties that will have positive effect on the plant growth in the long run should be used. This way cost of using fertilizers would be reduced significantly. The organic material that will be used should be resistant to decomposition. For the reasons mentioned above, the green fields should have different layers that are composed of various organic materials and minerals. Some of the properties of the upper most layer (vegetation layer) are as follows:
  • This layer should be permeable so that it can transfer the excess water (from irrigation and rain) to the drainage layer in short time
  • Fields that will be used for sports should be firm enough to prevent excessive sinking of feet of the athletes
  • This layer should not allow compaction around the root of the plant, and it should posses physical, chemical and biological properties in order to provide an optimum environment the plant to have a normal and healthy growth opportunity

In order for the vegetation layer to function properly its physical properties should be loamy texture and should have very solid structure. The structure of the vegetation is composed of materials like organic elements, iron oxides, iron hydroxides and lime. The red soil formed on main elements (lime stone, conglomerate, basalt) are ideal because of lime and iron compounds (oxide and hydroxide) in its structure. If suitable amounts of organic materials rich in humus and grinded basalt (5mm) is introduced to this soil, a high quality vegetation layer can be produced.

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Alternatif Tarim (Agriculture) Inc. was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Kurmeller Madencilik Inc., one of the biggest basaltic pumice producers in Turkey. Alternatif Tarim Inc. is one of the leaders in organic fertilizer and soil booster industry in Turkey.

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