Basaltic pumice with its spongy texture, has a porous structure rock formed as a result of sudden cooling of volcanic lava and it is rich in iron, potassium and magnesium. Pumice is a unique ingredient to the farming industry because of its physical and chemical properties. Pumice regulates the drainage of soil (especially soils rich in lime), improves root growth and increases the soil temperature by 1-3°C due to its dark color. Pumice is the main mineral ingredient in our organomineral soil conditioner product approved by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Alternatif Tarım A.Ş. is the first company to use the highly porous and basaltic pumice in organic agriculture because of its physical and chemical composition (as depicted in Table 1). Pumice is used in soilless agriculture because of its unique physical properties. Our company produces it products from its own natural resources in a wide range of grain sizes. While pumice supports the soil with the help of is unique aeration, drainage and aggregation physical properties, it also cures the soil by providing mineral elements like potassium, iron and magnesium. It also supports and enhances the soil to provide suitable environment for useful organisms like mycorrhiza and worms.

Pumice’s Chemical Properties

            Oxide             Amount %
SiO2 43,04
Al2O3 14,88
Fe2O3 12,94
TiO2 2,89
MnO 0,19
Cr2O3 0,03
V2O5 0,03
P2O5 0,92
CaO 8,95
MgO 10,10
BaO 0,04
K2O 1,83
Na2O2 3,30
pH 7,0

Pumice is a unique natural product if you want to revive your agriculture field that has lost its fertility and quality, and provide it with 30 years’ worth of fertilizer needs.

If 10 tons per decare is used, there will be no need for:

  1. Potassium for 50 years,
  2. Phosphorous fertilizer for 10 years,
  3. Iron for 500 years,
  4. Zinc for 40 years,
  5. Mangan for centuries.

To provide the same amount of minerals (mentioned above) with traditional chemical fertilizers, the cost will be about 10 times with the current prices. This is one of the reasons why pumice is important for Turkey and the rest of the world for natural, sustainable and economical agriculture. Alternatif Tarım is proud to offer the best quality and economical basaltic pumice products in Turkey to its customers.

Pumice Usage In Farming Industry:

  1. in soil amelioration
  2. in minimal soil or soilless environments,
  3. provides economical and healthy solutions for water based farms and green fields.
  4. provides reduction in watering process, because of its water holding capability.
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Alternatif Tarim (Agriculture) Inc. was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Kurmeller Madencilik Inc., one of the biggest basaltic pumice producers in Turkey. Alternatif Tarim Inc. is one of the leaders in organic fertilizer and soil booster industry in Turkey.

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