To overcome the absence of important elements and organic material in soil, Alternatif Tarim Inc. had launched two products, Orgamin and Orgamin Plus. These products are approved and licensed by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

ORGAMIN PLUS – Ministry License No. 232, Ministry Trademark No.0904

Orgamin Plus is a nitrogen added version of Orgamin. It has been produced specifically for the early stages of plant development when they require high nitrogen amounts. Orgamin Plus is very beneficial to the farming industry with its suitable contents and physical attributes both in the short and long run.

Benefits of ORGAMİN PLUS (Solid organomineral soil conditioner):

  1. Provides a suitable environment for dense development of capillary roots, which increases the nutrition intake
  2. Increases the efficiency and effectiveness of fertilizers
  3. Increases the penetration rate of water into the soil
  4. By increasing the ventilation of the soil, it supports useful organism growth
  5. Balances the pH level of the soil
  6. Increases the micro element absorption of the plants with the help of its humic and fulvic acid content provided by leonardite
  7. Has a positive effect on harvest quantity and quality
  8. Increases the soil cation (Mg, Zn, Fe etc.) exchange capacity


Deneme Yaprak

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Alternatif Tarim (Agriculture) Inc. was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Kurmeller Madencilik Inc., one of the biggest basaltic pumice producers in Turkey. Alternatif Tarim Inc. is one of the leaders in organic fertilizer and soil booster industry in Turkey.

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