Leonardite which is a source of humic and fulvic acid is another organic material we use in our soil conditioner products. Leonardite we use in our production consists of over 50% organic material and 40% humic acid which makes it an essential material for organic farming. More over, suitable pH (6.5%) level and non-saline property make leonardite an invaluable element used in farming products.

Leonardite is formed in hundred thousand years and is organic in nature. Besides providing organic materials, it improves chemical and physical properties of the soil with the help of humic and fulvic acids. Turkey’s agriculture soil is generally rich in lime and leonardite improves nutrition intake in such conditions with the help of its organic acids. In other words, it helps to dissolve nutritious elements like phosphor and potassium that are excessively accumulated over the years because of incorrect fertilization by Turkish agriculturists. Leonardite has high water retention capability therefore enabling the prolonged usage of irritation water thus lowering irrigation water usage. Alternatif Tarım uses the best leonardite (contains 50% humin acid) from the best quality reserves in its products (Table 2).

Table 2. Leonardite’s main physical and chemical properties:

Organic material (550°C fire point) 55
pH (26°C) 6.94
Total humic and fulvic acid 49.5
Moisture (105°C) 18.7
Porosity 33

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