Before the production phase, in the light of recent developments in Turkey and the world in general, the characteristics of our country’s soil have been determined by studies of universities and scientific institutions. Taking these studies into consideration, fertilizer production process has been designed in accordance with an effective and sustainable agricultural philosophy in semi-arid and arid region climates.
Natural fertilizers that will be suitable for climatic and regional soils have been produced in order to ensure that the fertilizers produced are not fixed to the soil, not washed and the effects on the soil are long-lasting. As mentioned above, these fertilizers are prepared taking into consideration both the soil and the health of the animal and human to be fed with the products to will be produced from these soil. For this purpose, an R&D laboratory has been established under the supervision of 1 professor, 1 associate professor and 3 agricultural engineers. Detailed scientific researches of the Proposed Project have been supported by numerous doctoral and graduate theses and scientific researches, especially the soil sections of Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture, Soil and Garden, Ege University Garden, and Gazi Osman Paşa University. The basic principles of production technology are listed below:
  • All products have been tested by scientific institutions under green houses and farming fields conditions,
  • All products consist of special organic substrates,
  • They do not contain any chemicals,
  • Their effects are long lasting (2-10 years),
  • It is produced by high tech production processes and are patented,
  • They are not refurbished like the old fashioned manure products that are produced by old technology processes,.
  • They are environmentally friendly preparate which do not contain substances that are harmful to soil or water,
  • Although it contains a high amount of micro elements, it is not harmful to plants.

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Alternatif Tarim (Agriculture) Inc. was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Kurmeller Madencilik Inc., one of the biggest basaltic pumice producers in Turkey. Alternatif Tarim Inc. is one of the leaders in organic fertilizer and soil booster industry in Turkey.

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