Alternatif Tarim Inc. products are produced with the know-how accumulated over centuries of traditional farming. We target long lasting soil amelioration, protection and improvement. We are committed to leaving next generations a rich and top quality soil without depleting resources that the nature has to offer.
The most important lesson that our agricultural history in Anatolia has thought us is that the civilization that had preserved the fertility of its soils have continued on, but civilizations that had not preserved the fertility of its soils are bound to be annihilated. The important thing is to learn from our historical mistakes and come up with sustainable solutions to our problems.

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Alternatif Tarim (Agriculture) Inc. was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Kurmeller Madencilik Inc., one of the biggest basaltic pumice producers in Turkey. Alternatif Tarim Inc. is one of the leaders in organic fertilizer and soil booster industry in Turkey.

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